How to Fix Your MacBook Pro if It’s Running Slow

You proud owner of a MacBook Pro, are you having some problems with the device? Is it running slow and you are sick and tired of this and want to fix the issue? Stay with us to find how you can fix the problem and to have a faster MacBook. Read all our fixes and try them.

How’s Your Desktop Looking?

If you are a collector of files, folders, or screenshots on your desktop and you never delete them that must be the first problem. Excepting the fact that your desktop is looking messy, your wallpaper is covered, and it’s slowing down your computer. Why is that? Because every icon is a window that your system will review whenever the laptop is opened. For that, you have to clean your desktop manually, or you can use the new feature Stacks (if you have MacOS Mojave). The Stack will help you to organize your files automatically.

Check Your Disk Space

Click on the Apple Menu- About this Mac – Storage – and here you will see all the information about your computer. If the free hard drive space is too low, then it’s time to do some back up of your data on iCloud or external drive, and after that delete it from your Mac.

Don’t Forget about Your Mac’s RAM

The problem appears when you have less Ram on your Mac or an older version of the MacBook Pro. It will start to run slower because many applications are using the RAM at once. When you see that this is happening, close some tabs on your browser because those are causing RAM issues too. Also, close some apps to speed up your computer.

Activity Monitors and Clearing the Cache

Many nasty apps can cause issues. Press Command + Space Bar to launch Spotlight and tap Activity Monitor. There you will find the unresponding apps or processes. Close them by double-clicking on them and press Quit. Besides that, at every use of your computer, all your activities are stored in the system log, and you must clean the cache accumulated there. Click on the upper menu bar and choose Go to Folder- type ~/Library/Cache – Go – Select and Remove the cache files.

Update Your Software or Use the Cleaner Apps

By updating your Software with the latest update you will improve your security, get new features, and your computer’s performance will improve. You can update your Software version through App Store. Finally, you can find cleaner applications for Mac like CCleaner, ClearMyMac that will help you to free up RAM. Also, you will discover many useful tools that you can use.

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