Toyota Rolls Out Its New Car-Sharing Service In Hui In Hawaii

Japanese automaker, Toyota, is making huge moves on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii. It has launched a car-sharing service named Hui. The service is a scale to mobility-based offerings such as ride-sharing apps, bike rentals, and public transportation. It simply lets a user book and unlock any Lexus or Toyota vehicle via a smartphone app.

Hui operates similar to the present car-share system, Maven of General Motors or Zipcar. At some reserved parking spaces, the cars are parked, which the user can locate and reserve the car with the Hui app.

A technology that Toyota terms as Smart Key Box, which is nothing but a smartphone, works as a key to disengage and start the vehicle through the smartphone app.

The service will be offered by Hui in two plans. The first service that is yet to be launched is Elite, and can be availed by the users by paying a monthly membership fee. The membership fee is yet to be disclosed. In the starting three months, this fee will be waived and renters will be priced according to the vehicle type. A Camry XSE will be available at $13.95 per hour or $111.60 per day, Lexus’ various variants will cost $19.95 per hour or $159.60, and Toyota Prius and its Prime variant can be reserved at $9.95 per hour or $79.60 per day.

The car-sharing platform also intends to offer a plan named pay-as-you-go membership, which won’t come with a monthly fee but the hourly and daily rental rates will be higher than normal plans.

At the time of launch, Hui will be available at more than 25 locations and fleet size of 50 cars in Honolulu. The program is an alliance amid Servco Pacific and Toyota Connected North America. More information about the service can be accessed at

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