New Tactical Smartwatch by T1TW Co., Makes Smartphone Selfies & Photography Easy

t1 t-watch , a tactical smartwatch

The new “Midnight Diamond” from the T1TW smartwatch brand was re-released this year.  One feature feature of tactical wrist wear is sure to make people go snap crazy.  The new tactical watch has a remote control app that makes smartphone selfies and photography as easy as ABC.

This not a smartwatch you use to awkwardly take a photo of yourself or something else.  One of the most useless features of wrist gear is a camera. Who’s pointing their wrist for a good photography shot?

The T1 Tact Watch brand recognized this flaw in judgement by competitors.  Instead of adding a camera, they have added technology to their watch which make it a remote control for your iPhone or android smartphone’s camera.

new tactical smartwatch
new tactical smartwatch

The technology mentioned is a ‘remote control app’ for the photo app on your mobile device.   The smartwatch app links to your phone via bluetooth. Once synced, a button on your “Midnight Diamond” can activate the camera on your Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, or other device.

With the T1 Tact Watch  wrist wear you can active any feature on your camera. If you have a timer mode selected on your camera, it will be activated by the smartwatch.  If your camera’s set to instant shot, it will shoot the quick selfie or group photo.

Where can you buy this?

The T1 Tact Watch company is an American brand.   It’s heavily popular today on social media. Due to this rise in popularity, it’s also being heavily bootlegged. The smartwatch brand announced via social media and their website, they exclusively sell through for the college student friendly, retail price of $69.99.

Auction sites like eBay and also Shopify have become infected with fake smartwatches.   Brands such as Nixon, Garmin, Casio, and Rolex have been battling with the online giant for a year now to fix such issue and avoid future lawsuit issues.  The T1 Tact Watch company had a sizeable amount of pages removed this past week.

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