Air Canada forced to cancel flights

The closure of French airspace to the Boeing 737 MAX 8 will force 174 Air Canada customers to spend one more night than expected in Martinique.

On Tuesday, an Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX 8 departed Montreal for Aimé-Césaire Airport in Fort-de-France, Martinique, with 165 passengers on board. However, during the flight, France, like many European countries, decided to ground the 737 MAX 8 aircraft, in the wake of the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft last Sunday that made 157 dead.

Air Canada flight AC954 was able to land safely in Fort-de-France, but was not allowed to leave with the 171 passengers waiting to return home.

“Since France’s civil aviation authority banned the operation of all Boeing 737 MAXs, the Fort-de-France-Montréal flight had to be canceled today (Tuesday). We have provided hotel rooms for passengers who will be returning tomorrow (Wednesday) on an Air Canada Rouge A321 aircraft, “Air Canada spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur confirmed by email.

Flight cancellations to London

The closure of the airspace at 737 MAX 8 caused further concern to the Canadian carrier. Earlier Tuesday, Air Canada announced the cancellation of four flights between the east of the country and London, UK.

Specifically, flights AC860 Halifax-London Heathrow on March 12, AC861 London-Halifax on March 13, AC822 St. John’s-London on March 13 and AC823 London-St. John’s March 14 had to be canceled.

“We are striving to reroute affected customers as soon as possible via Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa,” the airline said in a statement.

Air Canada has asked its customers who would like to change their flights to be patient because of the high number of calls.

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