California Reduce The Greenhouse Gas Emission By 9% Since 2000

The state of California was looking to decrease the gas emission to 431 metric tons by year 2020 but it seemed to have achieved its target 4 years ahead of its schedule. According to a report of Air Resource Board of California, the emission of the gas by year 2016 was already below 429.4 metric tons giving the state a great lead in their gas emission reduction mission. This report gives the data of years 2000 to 2016. Some might say that this number might progress in reverse way in coming two years, but that doesn’t seem likely, as emission numbers in California have shown a steady decrease for a good portion of a decade.

In year 2000, the gas emission of California was considerably high with the number as high as 471.7 metric tons of CO2. The Air Resource Board of California targeted to reduce the emission by 40 metric tons in next 20 years and successfully achieved this target 4 years prior to the targeted year. The state of California also targets to reduce the emission further to 258.6 by the year 2030. This means, California should reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 40% in coming decade. The state also has a long term mission which targets the emission to be as low as 86 metric tons by 2050. This target is a long shot, but the way they are going towards their current target, it does not seem impossible.

If one would look at the current United States administration’s perspective on green energy, it would seem more than difficult for the country to carry out the greenhouse emission plans, but looking at California’s initiative and dedication towards it, this perception could potentially prove wrong.

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