Redmi AirDots: The Best Headset You Can Find

Modern smartphones are gradually ditching the old headsets and replacing them with wireless audio devices. Mainly because the manufacturers are designing phones that come without the audio jack, people now started to use more wireless headsets. With the exponentially growing market of these type of devices, it might be difficult to choose a great product. However, we reviewed Redmi AirDots and we have to say we found them to be incredible.

Redmi AirDots Comes With a Low Price

The Redmi AirDots are incredibly cheap, with an impressive and modern design. An excellent option for those who are looking for wireless audio via Bluetooth earbuds, Redmi AirDots is available on major online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. The wireless earbuds sport the affordable price of approximately $35.

The first noticeable thing about the Redmi AirDots​ is that they look incredibly elegant. It comes in a minimal and generic shape, with rounded edges. They are lighter than you think, feel comfortable, and block the outside noise pretty well.

The AirDots​ are water-resistant and feature a small LED on each handset, which shows the battery level. The LED turns blue-white when paired or connected to a device, and flashes red when it is placed in its case to charge.

A Rather Strange Pairing

Redmi AirDots​ has no dedicated app, and the first pairing process might not be that intuitive. You have to access your device’s Bluetooth settings and connect them so. At first, you might find it strange to see two devices, instead of one: the right and left earbuds are read separately. Just connect to one of the two, and the other will automatically follow into connection.

Great Quality, Very Affordable

The headsets feature a button on the sides that enables you to manage their functions. A single tap pauses the music/video, and two taps activate Google Assistant on Android-powered smartphones and Siri on iPhones.

​Moving to sound quality, the Redmi AirDots​ offers quite a good quality sound, more so if you consider the low price. This is possible because of the 7.2mm drivers inside each earbud. The treble is keen and clear, and the mids are reproduced great at any volume level. We should note that you cannot bear more than 70 percent, as when at maximum level, the Redmi AirDots​ are too loud.

A downside of these AirDots represents the microphone. Therefore, we do not recommend using them for voice calls.

Impressive Battery Life

Surprisingly, the Redmi AirDots​ battery life is more than great. Even if it doesn’t differ much from any other Bluetooth headsets, they do last a full four hours that can be easily extended in the original case, which acts as a portable charger.

This means that you can probably get a full 12 hours of playback, in comparison to some of the best wireless earbuds on the market. One unpleasant thing, though, is the fact that the battery has to be charged via a microSD port, and not a usual USB Type-C port. However, considering the low price, it’s the best you can get.

The Best Headset So Far

After testing the Redmi AirDots​ headset, we can definitely say that you cannot find a better device within this price range. Others also reported positive experiences with the headset, and it shows that the brand has potential with an affordable product. Indeed, the sound is not at that high level as the most expensive earbuds, but rest assured you won’t find a better catch at $35.

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