Upload Instagram Photos From Your PC – Quick Methods

Instagram is now the most popular social network, surpassing Facebook, even though it is still owned by Facebook, Inc. With billions of users from all over the world, Instagram is the ideal place to share pics, vids, and more with your followers. In this article, we’ll show you some quick methods to upload Instagram photos from your PC.

How To Upload Instagram Photos From Your PC

Browser Developer Mode – easiest

If you want to upload photos from your MAC and PC to Instagram as fast and as easy as possible, this is the way. Use a browser to access your account and simulate the use of a smartphone by using the developer console. This way, Instagram is tricked into thinking you are actually on your handset. Use the Instagram website to login, press the F12 button that opens a menu on the right, and then click on the tablet or smartphone icon on the top.

This way, the browser will stimulate the site’s visualization in tablet or smartphone mode depending on your preference. All functions will be unlocked, such as the one of uploading photos. This function is not available in desktop mode.

Download the official Instagram app for Windows 10 – medium

If you are a Windows 10 user, Instagram provides you with its official app. Go to Windows Store and download it from there. You can use it to upload photos to your account in a matter of minutes. If you want, you can even share and create Stories.

Use an Android emulator – BlueStacks – harder

This is another way of uploading photos from your PC to your Instagram. All you have to do is use a software that runs Google’s operating system in a virtual environment within your computer, an Android emulator. This way, you can download the official Instagram app for Android using Google Play Store.

BlueStacks is the best Android emulators you can use. It is user-friendly, it does not take too much time to download and install it, and you can use it to upload photos to your Instagram account from your PC, exactly what you wanter. However, is hard to upload Instagram photos from your PC with BlueStacks.

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