TubeMate Vs. VidMate – Which Is Better?

Need a video downloader to use on your device, but don’t know which one is better? That’s alright, as there is a multitude of such apps to get, but we can give you a hand. We’re going to compare VidMate and TubeMate in this article, two of the most installed video downloader apps, which come with amazing features.

VidMate allows you to download and play videos, music and also to use it as an app store for applications unavailable on the Google Play Store. On the other hand, TubeMate can be used to download online videos from all the main streaming platforms. Both apps come with the option to pause and resume your downloads from a multitude of websites. Also, the apps can be acquired for free.

VidMate and TubeMate Features

Starting with VidMate, the app offers fast downloading and HD videos. It also comes with more than 200 TV channels. The app allows you to select the services you want to use and enables users to download several files at the same time as well. A great feature it sports is the Night Mode, an option not many apps have as yet.

Moving to TubeMate, the video downloader makes it possible to convert videos to MP3, and it uses multiple connections to enable a faster download of the videos you want on your device. It also offers the option to choose between a number of video resolutions and allows you to track the progress of the download.

However, TubeMate has a few weak points. Firstly, it can’t download all the videos from streaming services, as many of them can be unavailable. Secondly, you cannot always download HD videos, and the app often crashes on some devices, making it uncomfortable to use for some people.

Which App is Better?

Both video downloaders come with some impressive features and options, and they do a great job in downloading videos, as well as music. However, the major disadvantage TubeMate has is the fact that it frequently crashes, an issue VidMate doesn’t encounter.

None the less, give both apps a try as they are both free to download and use. However, we recommend you, based on the apps’ performance and features, to go with VideMate as it is more steady, provides Live TV, supports the download and update of Android apps, and comes with more streaming service options.

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