Top 5 Best Android Music Player Apps

What could it be an Android device with some proper apps for listening to music? To be fair, listening to music is for many of us, the most significant thing we can do it on a smartphone, for example. Being connected to a music app that could offer you a great experience, every time, it is also an important thing. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best Android music player apps and what they could deliver to you.

We are going to begin our extraordinary top with one Android music player app that it’s been a while on everybody’s favorite list.

Top 5 Best Android Music Player Apps


Being highly influenced by the way its design meets its way of functioning, Phonograph is for sure, an Android app that will truly amaze you. It has some great options that allow you to change your mind easily if you want to try, for example, some new colors. This way, you are sure that the app stays in touch with your personality. Android users also claimed that the app successfully delivers all its features in a precise way.


Fight the power or just let it be part of yourself. Our next Android music player app promises us an enhanced experienced with its great 10-band equalizer that will plainly put us in the corner. Being one of the most popular apps out there, chosen already by hundreds of Android users, Poweramp doesn’t fight with the power, and it actually makes it stronger! It has album art and lyrics available all the time that can be effortlessly joined into the player. Also, you can save your EQ pre-options, for a better experience with your headphones, too.

Shuttle Music Player

On our third place, there is the Shuttle Music Player Android app, one that surely does look good! The app allows you to use your imagination unlimitedly, by including a 6-band equalizer, lyrics, and the option to auto-download the artwork, as well.

jetAudio Music Player

This is one of the best Android music player apps and one which comes with the best effects out there! jetAudio Music Player has a powerful host of tweaks and some of the fantastic effects, and an app could give you. It has plugins that comprise the Bongiovi DPS and an AM3D Audio Enhancer, which will be very loved for sure by all the music enthusiasts.

Google Play Music

The classic, non-disappointing Android app which will be there for you always. It could create your exclusive playlists based on selected preferences. Also, the app can sync with your Google account very quickly. Stream whatever you want if you just subscribed and let Google Play Music come with the latest songs from a big online catalog.

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