SnapTube Is Out With Improved Picture-in-Picture Playback And Other Enhancements

It’s been over four years since SnapTube launched for Android and in the present day, it is still one of the best video downloader apps that allow you to take down online videos from a vast number of sites to your mobile device as MP3 audio format or as MP4 videos. Now, SnapTube is out to make video downloading even more comfortable.

Why choose SnapTube video downloader?

While there are so many apps out there you can use to download online videos, SnapTube stands out with its stream of software updates. In this way, the developers try to improve the app’s overall software stability and performance.

With SnapTube, you can save time and space on your smartphone because the app does not require any unique encoding process or plug-in. The app is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface.

If you watch a video from a streaming site and you want to download it, you can use the “share” function to connect it to SnapTube, and the video is ready to download. Additionally, you can pause, cancel, or resume a download anytime you want. The app also offers you the possibility to manage your entire video library.

What is new in SnapTube

The new update for SnapTube, SnapTube build, comes with improved picture-in-picture (PiP) playback performance, so the users can enjoy watching vids on SnapTube while they perform other tasks at the same time. You can now play a mobile game and watch your favorite video with the useful PiP mode.

There are two ways of downloading the update for SnapTube. If for the first way all you have to do is to connect your smartphone to a stable Wi-Fi network and wait for the update to arrive via over-the-air (OTA) channels, for the second way, you will have to download and install SnapTube manually as an APK file.

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