Nintendo Switch Next-Gen Consoles Would Come Out In Two Variants

Nintendo Switch next-gen consoled would be strong competitors in the race for the title of the most-awaited consoles. Users all over the world are eager to find out what improvements the next Nintendo Switch models will have compared to their predecessor. Rumors about the next Nintendo Switch consoles have been floating around the online world for a while now, and the company decided to promptly terminate these speculations.

However, Nintendo representatives started to admit that it’s a universally known rule that, after releasing a great product, a company will move on to developing the next big thing. Some fans interpreted this as a subtle hint that the company has already started working on the next generation of Switch consoles.

Nintendo Switch next-gen consoles would come out in two variants

A couple of months ago, in April, Nintendo announced that new Nintendo Switch devices are coming, but they will not be discussed during the company’s panel at this year’s E3 convention. Since E3 2019 has already passed now, the company kept its promise and did not divulge any details about the next generation of Switch consoles during Nintendo’s E3 direct.

However, the Wall Street Journal recently published some reports that claim Nintendo is indeed developing the new generation of Nintendo Switch consoles. Even more, we now know that Nintendo is planning to launch an upgraded version of the current model, along with a cheaper model. Reportedly, the production of the new Nintendo Switch consoles has already started in Southeast Asia.

In addition, the WSJ also suggests that Nintendo Switch next-gen consoles production will be moved from China to other markets. This move is meant to avoid paying the 25% tax when exporting to the US.  While the more expensive variant of the new console model looks like the current generation but contains enhanced features, the cheaper variant will sport a new design with increased portability.

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