How to Download Popcorn Time for Mac

You probably landed on this article because you’re interested in watching movies online for free. Well then, you chose well as Popcorn Time may just be the best free media streamer and downloader on the planet. Popcorn Time works on Windows, iOS, and Android. It comes in the form of an app or in the case of Windows a sort of fun, stylish program which is a lot like an app. Very simple and easy to use.

The major benefit in using Popcorn Time is that you don’t have to manually look for torrents on different site as the program is linked to lots of them. You get nifty posters for your favorite movies and TV shows that you can save for later access. If your internet connection is fast enough, then you can download at insane speeds from multiple torrents, reaching hundreds of MB per second in some cases.

How to download Popcorn Time for Mac

  • You need Safari or a browser that allows for downloads
  • Visit the official Popcorn Time website
  • Download the official version, the betas are tricky sometimes
  • Search for the file destination and install
  • Open the launchpad from the home screen and enjoy free content

The VPN option on Popcorn Time

The program prompts you to use a VPN each time the loading screen appears for a movie or TV show. This is not mandatory but Popcorn Time warns users that it would be advised. This is due to the illegal nature of the program.

There are lots of copyright issues on the internet over all sorts of content. The torrent files on Popcorn Time are no exception. So if you live in a country that is very serious about enforcing copyright laws then use the VPN service. This helps you not get identified by publishers or government agencies that want to issue serious fines.

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