Google Play Store 16.1.35 Is Available With Bug Fixes And Improvements

For many Android users, the Google Play Store is the primary and sole source of apps and other media content, among which we can count music, eBooks, videos, and others. Now, Google Play Store 16.1.35 comes out with bug fixes and performance improvements.

Those who interacted with early Android versions may know the marketplace app under the name of Android Market. In 2017, Google officially retired the support for the Android Market, which means that the device with Android 2.1 or below is no longer able to access and install apps and updates from the outdated app.

The Android Market was released in 2008 as a digital storefront which offered apps and games, some paid and others for free. The popularity of the Android Market continued to grow, and Google decided to expand the functionality of the app by adding the option to purchase additional content.

Google Play Store 16.1.35 Brings Some Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

As the content portfolio continued to grow the name Android Market started to seem a bit odd. Many of the products offered by the app and service weren’t tied to the use of an Android device. For example, users could buy an eBook, download it, and then copy it on a PC to enjoy it with the help of a bigger screen.

Sensing the shift in the market, Google decided to rebrand the service. In 2012 a marketplace app was announced in the form of the Google Play Store, which came with a fresh design and a selection of new features. The new design allowed users to track down their desired content with just a few taps, while also underlining the variety of content which was available.

Those who have an old Android device in their possession have the option to install the Google Play Store if the device runs Android 2.2 Froyo or better. The process is painless as the option to download the app will surface when you try to open the Android Market app. The latest Google Play Store 16.1.35 version comes with new performance improvements and bug fixes.

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