Google Play Store 15.4.17 Update Came Out With Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements

Google has been hard at work in recent months as the company is currently developing several projects, with some of them approaching their deadline. Every Android user has likely used the Google Play Store app at least one. When the first versions of Android were released the iconic app store was known as the Android Market, and it offered a considerably lower amount of features in comparison with what we have today. Now, Google Play Store 15.4.17 update is available with bug fixes and performance improvements.

Some voices claim that, despite the open nature of Android, Google continues to push the Google Play Store as the only app which should be used to download games, apps, and other media content on tour Android smartphone or tablet. The app went through some problems in recent months as Google has strived to update its apps portfolio to the popular Material Design Theme.

Google struggled to introduce Material Design theme to Play Store

The first redesign of the app was showcased in April, and the early versions of the app which sported the new looks arrived in May. As expected, the Material Design remake comes with some much-needed changes. The classic and aging accents of blue, red, and green were dumped in favor of a fresh and minimalistic white for the app bar. The search field, which is also white, will display the text Google Play when you tap on it.

As nested tabs were against the Material Design guidelines, they were replaced with a new and handier bottom bars. The carousel was retained for several specific pages: Top Charts, Categories, Early Access, and others. Google Sans is used for section headers, and the More button was replaced with a minimalistic arrow. A large number of Material Design elements are present in the form of new tab indicates, pills and buttons with subtle outlines.

Google Play Store 15.4.17 is available with bug fixes and performance improvements

The last version of the Play Store came out with a revamped bottom bar that allows users to quickly access four distinct categories: Games, Apps, Movies& TV, and Books. However, the latest version of the app, Google Play Store 15.4.17, doesn’t bring any visual changes or new features.

But it’s still necessary to update to the new Google Play Store 15.4.17 as it comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements. Plus, additional security patches have been implemented.

Usually, a new Google Play Store update is automatic so that you don’t need to do anything to install it. However, if the latest Google Play Store 15.4.17 is late to come to your smartphone, you can rely on the version’s APK file, although we do not recommend that.

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