Google Play Services 18.3.77 Beta Version Update Rolled Out

Google’s Android operating system runs on hundreds of millions of smartphones from all over the world. The reason is that there is no other operating system to provide users with even a similar superior user experience. The software has just received the Google Play Services 18.3.77 beta update, which comes with bug fixes and solves other issues.

Android, the operating system’s source is always rolling out software updates for its most-used apps in order to be certain that there aren’t any bugs or software problems which can spoil the superior Android user experience.

Having said that, the most recent Google application to get a new update is Google Play Services. The Google Play Services 18.3.77 beta update is now being released via OTA or over-the-air channels.

Google Play Services 18.3.77 Beta Update

The new update, Google Play Services​ 18.3.77 beta version is now available. What Android users have to do in order to download it is to keep their devices connected to a steady Wi-Fi network. The reason for this is due to the way the update rolled out, namely via OTA channels.

Even so, we do have to note that not all Android device users are going to get the update in the same day it rolled out. Why are we mentioning this? Because the update is exclusive to Android fans and developers who registered in Google’s beta program.

What’s New

The question most of the Android smartphone users must be asking now is what’s new? Because Google Play Services is a background application, the enhancements that the update brings are under the hood software adjustments.

Some may say that under the hood software adjustments might not be as exciting as new features and new options. However, you can rest assured that these tweaks are more critical. The new software enhancements the Google Play Services​ 18.3.77 beta version update introduces are the fix of various bugs and other issues the software has had.

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