Firefox 68 Gets Enhanced Dark Mode and General Overhaul

Mozilla has released the new version of its web browser, Firefox 68. The first thing it’s meant to tackle in our perspective is the annoying presence of a light toolbar in the previous Dark Mode. The current version of Dark Mode has fixed this issue and is successfully providing comfort four out eyes.

With Windows, Linux, and Apple OS, Firefox 68 is promoting its Recommended Extensions initiative, which is basically a helping hand from the staff working on the project that informs you of the top picks that will increase your experience on the browser. The Recommended Extensions can now be viewed on the redesigned extensions dashboard.

Andrew Truong, Mozilla representative, comments: “On AMO [] starting July 11, Recommended extensions will receive special badging to indicate its inclusion in the program. Additionally, the AMO homepage will be updated to only display Recommended content, and AMO search results will place more emphasis on Recommended extensions.”

Firefox 68 Gets Enhanced Dark Mode and General Overhaul

Although interesting, this initiative from Mozilla could tend to extensively promote some extensions while leaving others entirely in the dark. If no balance is reached, the algorithm can go crazy with its selection. A manual approach could be even more difficult to manage well.

Your privacy and security can be handled in the list of permissions within the browser’s settings. The new dashboard features and add-on manager that help you configure your extensions. Firefox 68 is more interactive and easier to use when it comes to blocking unwanted use of your device and data.

Cryptominer websites that use your device CPU to mine cryptocurrency will be actively blocked from doing so. So, going on a random webpage won’t fry your CPU for no apparent reason. Fingerprinters will also be blocked. These intrusions are designed to identify the properties of your device without permission. The data could be used in any number of ways.

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