Facebook Beta Update Rolled Out

We all know Facebook. The most popular social media application had taken the world by storm when it first launched. A few years later, every internaut had a Facebook account and browsed it all day long.

Indeed, Facebook brought possibilities no other web application has had before. Keeping up with friends and family is faster and easier than ever. By sharing updates and photos, you can stay connected with your friends and your favorite Pages, also with the communities important to you.
The social media network’s developers just rolled out Facebook beta update that brought improvements to the popular app.

Features on the Facebook App

The most important feature that made Facebook a success is its keen ability to enable you to connect with friends and family. The application also gives you the possibility to find and meet new people. Set status updates and use Facebook emojis to transmit what is going on in your world, also share events, photos, videos, and your preferred memories.

It is easy to share your photos straight from your phone’s camera. Also, Facebook allows you full control over your posts and privacy settings. You can choose whether you want to keep your posts anonymous. You can even create a secret photo album and choose who sees it. Facebook also sends you notifications when friends like and comment on your posts.

The app allows you to find local events, and local businesses to see reviews, operation hours, and pictures. Play games, back-up your photos by saving them in albums, and follow your favorite websites, artists and companies. Keep up with the latest news and current events all over the world by following your preferred journals and media outlets.

You can also watch live streaming videos, write on timelines, like photos, browse for people or places, edit your profile, and create groups. A newly released option on the app, Facebook Marketplace, now allows you to buy and sell products locally.

What’s New

Facebook beta update came with no new features, but it brought improvements for reliability and speed. Both these elements are crucial in an application and need to be frequently updated. This way, Facebook can keep up with the ever-advancing world of internet.

You probably own a Facebook account. Tell us your experience with the app and what you like the most at it.

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