Best Dating Apps For Android To Find Your Love Online

The last decade is all about hooking up online and no more asking for a phone number in a cafe. This trend has its advantages and disadvantages, but you should give it a try and see if it works for you. Experimenting is popular this century. Tinder has put the online dating scene on the map. It is the most popular choice among dating apps for this reason. But Tinder is not the only choice out there, as other apps have gone about it in different, perhaps better ways of scoring you a date. Let’s see which are the best dating apps for Android.

Best Dating Apps For Android


Online dating existed before Tinder, but it was mainly web-based. The app introduced a simplified version on mobile phones that only works by activating the GPS. You can set the app to find people that are within a certain radius from your location. There is a limit to the range unless you go for the Premium version.

Swiping left or right means that you like the person that pops up or not. If two people like each other, then they will be able to make contact. You cannot message someone that does not like you and vice versa.


This app lets you browse for people that are not necessarily around you. Perhaps you fancy someone from Paris, but you are currently based in London. There is not a wide selection of profiles on the app, but the profiles have more information. This includes relationship status, housing situation, and personal habits.


No time-wasting with Jaumo. This Facebook app uses your account to log in. You get an instant match right away based on your Facebook profile. It works much in the same way as Tinder with swiping left and right. There is a map mode to see new pictures of your likes profiles. The person’s profile includes their profession, interests, and education. You will be notified when you can start a chat with a person.


You can log on to Badoo with your Google or Facebook account, but you still need to fill in your profile. This service emulates real life as you appear in the top of search results based on your popularity. The online form of popularity can be instantly enhanced by spending money. Precisely as in real life.

If you are popular, you also get more visits. But you can actually browse for people in your area too and start chats with them instantly. The rollercoaster swiping version is also available too for more random encounters. There are usually lots of users on Badoo, as 250 million people are using the app, so it clearly is one of the best dating apps for Android to find your love online.

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