Sacramento man shot while taking out the garbage dies in front of his two twin daughters

A man from Sacramento, Roy Eunice, was shot dead on Saturday night as he took out the trash in front of his house. And the worst thing is that hir two twin daughters, ten years old, were just a few feet away when the incident occurred.

One of the bullets pierced the front door of this Oak Park neighborhood home, between Broadway and Santa Cruz Way; another crossed two of its walls. The third bullet hit the man in the chest.

“It was a senseless murder: he left his house just to throw away his trash,” said Mary Thompson, sister of the victim. “He went into his home, told his 10-year-old daughters that he was shot.: ‘call your mother. Call 911,’ he collapsed in front of his daughters and died.”

In what is an overwhelming story, the sister says that the man had time to calm his daughters before losing his life, telling them that everything would be fine : “they will come back telling their mother that dad said everything will be fine ”

Eunice is the father of three daughters and was known in the school of the twins for helping as much as she could.” He’s a father who would get school awards for his participation,” said Thompson, “not only did he help the school, he helped the teachers with the supplies.”

Investigators say they have no motive or suspicious information about Eunice’s death, but Thompson hopes that whoever shot his brother does the right thing: “To the person who did this: I forgive you. But if you have some remorse in your body, in your soul, you will step forward, because I need to know why you would do this to my brother. Not well”.

Interestingly, last December his brother consoled a dying teenager in the same block : 16-year-old Timothy Jeter, whose murder is still unresolved: “This is the kind of person he is,” Thompson said.

“I’m still disconsolate; I am in limbo hoping to discover at least … who did this, “said Heather Jeter, Timothy’s mother, who said she was not surprised that another life was taken over by armed violence in that block and urged the police to focus on Rout Avenue Park: “That park has always been an access point. Drugs, shootings, violence: all kinds of things happen . But there is no action from the city, from the police department, from the state, from anyone. ”

Thompson and Jeter believe that neighbors can help solve both cases .

There is a GoFundMe campaign for Eunice and her family.

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