Xbox Scarlett Available – Would It Come With A Physical Disc Drive

Microsoft’s 2019 E3 press conference has announced the biggest news that could ever unveil: its new Xbox ‘Scarlett’ console. However, the company did not share anything else besides the upcoming system’s specifications, even though fans were expecting reveals regarding whether or not the console would come with a physical disc drive.

Luckily, Phil Spencer, Xbox chief has since promised fans that the new Scarlett console will come with a disc drive. According to a statement given to, he said that physical games are a component of the company’s future. Spencer also said that the company knows that people still own discs. So even if they release devices such as the Xbox One S All-Digital edition, and if one is somebody that has a collection of discs, or that is the method they want to purchase the content, then one should acquire the Xbox One S and not the Xbox One S All-digital. This is the reason they put it in the name, Spencer added.

The chief of Xbox also stated that he is not trying to confuse fans about what their options are, meaning to give anyone choice, and at the moment, this is a choice millions of people make.

In the last months, Microsoft has announced more and more digital games with projects such as Xbox Game Pass, which just a while ago was made available for PC and is currently accessible for $1 with Xbox Gold included. Another example is the Xbox One S all-digital console, which does not feature a disc drive.

Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a second Scarlett console, allegedly dubbed Lockhart, that has no disc drive, even though this rumor has not been confirmed. Moreover, Project xCloud, the company’s game streaming service, will be released sometime this year.

The Xbox Scarlett controller, or whatever name will end up wearing, will be released in the holiday season in 2020. The price tag of the console has not been revealed either. However, we do know that Halo: Infinite will also launch in holiday 2020, probably as a launch title for the new controller.

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