Verizon’s 5G Speeds Gets Good Reviews, But The Coverage Is Very Limited

Source: Sascha Segan/PCMag

With 5G tech getting to Verizon, reviewers started checking out the 5G speeds and see how much better it is compared to other non-fiber broadband. Unfortunately, while 5G reaches better speeds, the problem of coverage is quite annoying.

Sascha Segan, the lead mobile analyst from PCMag, wrote a very long review about Verizon’s 5G as he walked around Chicago and tested the Verizon base stations. His conclusions show that 5G is still an early tech that needs a lot of updates and fixes to actually give the incredible speeds we’re supposed to get.

Testing The 5G Range and Speeds

After six hours of tests in Chicago with two different smartphones, Segan realized that the Verizon 5G network is still in the very early phase.

In his tests, Segan noticed speeds of up to 600Mbps on 5G, compared with the highest speeds of a 4G LTE device – 400Mbps.

The report notes that the network is so early in its phase that it’s not even worth investing in it yet, considering it will need many software updates.

Uploads were slower in 5G – 19Mbps compared to the 42Mbps on the LTE connection.

Moreover, coverage in Chicago of the 5G network is spotty and very limited, only focusing on parts of Chicago Avenue, the Loop, and West Loop. Nonetheless, more towers will surely be turned on for better coverage.

The graphs provided in the report also show how much the 5G speed is lost with the distance from the tower, or with buildings interfering with the line of site.

The results conclude that 5G is not worth it, yet. The speeds will get much better in the next years, just like 4G improved since it was introduced. Segan’s analysis shows that, according to the speed growth curve of 4G, the 5G speeds in 2021 will get an average of 1.2Gbps, and 1.5Gbps by 2025.

The 5G tech has just begun, and Verizon will expand it in 30 cities by the end of this year, with Sprint and T-mobile also launching 5G in the next months.

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