Top 3 All-in-one Emulators for PC Games

The best all-in-one emulators for retro and arcade games on Windows

If you are a fan of old retro games or new Android games on your computer, you must have tried different emulators. You must try emulators like Nox Player, BlueStacks, Memu Play, LD Player for Android games on your computer. Or, if you want to play games from Nintendo GameBoy, or DS games on Pc, you can try Visual Boy Advance-M, TGB Dual, KIGB, or BGB.

The thing with the emulators is that you have to install a new emulator for every new platform you want to play on. Even if the software is good and it performs the task, installing, again and again, is time-consuming.

But for solving this problem, we have a recommendation for you, the all-in-one emulator for Windows. The all-in-one emulator is a multi-platform that can run and emulate games from different platforms to one source.

So, if you are looking to play old retro games using multiple platforms, we would like to recommend a top 3 all-in-one emulators for Windows Pc.

Top 3 all-in-one emulators for Windows

  1. Bizhawk – is a free all-in-one emulator, developed by TASVideos. Bizhawk offers accuracy and power user tool without complicating the process. The program is compatible with Nintendo DS, PlayStation, Sega 32X, Saturn, Sega Master System, Virtual Boy, Neo Geo Pocket, Uzebox, and ZX. The emulator supports full recording and Lua scripting, and it comes with full-screen support, gamepad support, controller and hotkey mapping support. If you are a pro user, you will have a basic re-recording and bulletproof support, auto hold, RAM watching, input display, poking tools, Rewind, Lua scripting, and Frame lag.

Also, the installation of Bizhwak does not consist in some simple click on the next button. If you want to know how to install it, check the Youtube video:

  1. Mednafen – like the other one, is a multi-system emulator for Windows PC. This emulator was first introduced as a command-line driven multi-system. Now, it has a GUI tool to make it user-friendly. Mednafen uses OpenGL and SDL to render the games. In comparison with Bizhawk, that offers support for hand-held retro game emulation, Mednafen is an emulator good for PlayStation 1, Nintendo and SNES.

But don’t worry, Mednafen supports other platforms like Sega Genesis, Master System, Apple 11/11 +, WonderSwam, GameBoy Advanced Neo Geo Pocket, and more. Also, you will not have a direct installer on Mednafen.  Here is the link to the installation process of Mednafen:

  1. RetroArch – is a more complex software. With RetroArch you can play games from multiple platforms on your computer. It lets you run video games ROMs from Super Nintendo, NES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo and many more. Also, if you have other operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, the emulator is compatible with them.

RetroArch has a smooth interface, and you can browse the games through the menu. But, attention, the emulator itself is not so easy to use, and the installation and setup procedure needs some time and effort. After that, you can play retro games from multiple platforms with a single framework.

Also, RetroArch has a customizable system that allows you to tweak the settings for both the emulator and games. You will get gamepad support and mapping; Netplay to host or join online gaming community; Shaders graphical filters to enhance rendering at each game; achievement tabs, and an expanding library. The software uses RetroCores for emulating games on other platforms. Some examples of those cores are Dolphin for the Wii and GameCube ROMs; Redream for Ninten Dreamcast, Citra for Nintendo 3DS; Open Lara for a Tomb Rider game engine; Gameboy and many more. Click on the link for RetroArch setup:


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