The Last Blue Moon of the Decade Will Happen – Can You or Can’t You Miss It

Everyone gets excited when a Blood Moon (a total lunar eclipse) or a Super Moon (when the Moon looks more prominent in the sky) is happening. But what is it with Saturday’s Blue Moon? All the news about the Blue Moon says that this will be the last time the full Moon will rise until 2021. Unfortunately, there is nothing special going on with this Blue Moon, and it’s not special than any other full Moon.

When Is the Blue Moon Happening?

The Library of Congress is explaining that the Blue Moon happens when a particular season has one full Moon in addition to the typical three full Moons. If this is happening, the third full Moon from the four is called a Blue Moon. So if we think about the name given, it has nothing to do with the space or the coloration of the Moon.

Also, the name was given from the old Farmers Almanacs, just like the name given to the January’s full Moon (the Wolf Moon). The association of the full Moon from January was made with the howling wolves that were heard long ago on the winter Moons. So the definition of the Blue Moon comes from there.

Moreover, the Blue Moon can also be defined as the second full Moon that happens in the same calendar month. Except for February, when a full Moon is on the first day on any month of the year, you will have a Blue Moon four weeks later. The conclusion is simple; the definition has nothing to do with the Moon, its color, or its orbiting cycle.

Finally, can you or can’t you miss the Blue Moon? A Blood Moon or Super Moon deserves your time and energy to go outside and see them, but a Blue Moon is not something special from a full Moon that you see all the time. So, you can miss this one, because another one will show itself four weeks later.

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