Sony Has a Massive MicroLED Display with 16K Resolution

At CES 2019, Samsung made the most excellent presentation with the large 4K MicroLED display, named The Wall. Samsung’s 4K display is 219-inches with panels pressed together and nascent MicroLED display technology. The Wall is using tiny LEDs self-emissive, and well-improved brightness levels. But guess who’s coming from behind with a mind-blowing MicroLED display? Sony has created a screen that’s longer than a bus. At the National Association of Broadcaster (NAB), Sony‘s 16K resolution, 17 feet tall and 63 feet wide will debut in Japan. The display will be used as part of a research center for a cosmetic group.

What 16K Resolution means?

First of all, we are talking about something that was never seen until now. 16K means 16 times as many pixels as a 4K display. Or if you want to see it otherwise: 15360×8640 pixel density.

Second of all, we are so far with the content catching up with the tech that we are still trying to adopt a 4K display, let alone 8K or 16K. Maybe at the end of the decade, we can adopt the 8K displays, and the 16K will remain a virtual reality present in the corporate world.

However, if we go to last year LG’s rollable OLED, the released of the window-clear ii-inches 8K OLED TV has shocked us. Having a 16K display is hard to imagine how impressive the images will be. Also, the content represents an important factor, and for this Sony has created its content for the new display. If we put aside the problem with the content, another one could be the modular design. Even on The Wall, you can see where the multi-panels meet.

Finally, even if we are left to wonder about those fascinating devices, Sony’s MicroLED 16K display is astonishing.

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