Sims 5 New Details – What We Know So Far?

There are good news and bad news for the fans of the Sims series. Even though Sims 5 “seems” to be quite far to be released, the situation is not all bad.

Maxis developers didn’t forget about PS4 and Xbox One players as they got access to the Lunar New Year content.

Sims 4 is getting improved!

Before going to Sims 5, the developers released a lot of patches for the fourth game of the series.  These updates include:

  1. Freelancer career

As the name says it, you will now have the option of a freelance career, like artist, programmer and writer.

  1. New decoration objects

If you choose to be a freelancer, you will have access to new desks, bookcases, end tables, laptops and wall decors.

  1. New clothing options

Even more variety for the freelancers, from cable knit cardigan and layered sweater to sweater and skirt for the ladies. For men, there are also button up shirts, collared sweater, crewneck sweaters and drawstring pants.

Now for the updates and bug fixes, the list is a bit longer, fortunately.

  1. After your Sim gets invited somewhere by an NPC Sim, it will now travel to the correct location.

2.UI problems where access to Sim’s inventory was blocked have now been fixed.

  1. Good news for your Sim’s night sleep. The random phone calls between 8 pm to 10 am have been removed.
  2. You can now play multiple music tracks, and the looping issues have been fixed as well.
  3. Now you can propose to the Sim that you are cheating romantically with, an option that wasn’t there before the updates.

Sims 5, when?

With a few other minor bug fixes and updates being released for Sims 4, so the tendency is to make Sims 4 a more enjoyable experience, rather than releasing the sequel.

Sims 5 is under development, but the main focus is to improve its predecessor, so we might have to wait a couple of years before it’s going to be released.

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