Samsung Galaxy View 2 Tablet Is Coming to Amaze You

If it doesn’t ring a bell, we will help you with that. We are talking about a previous model of TV-tablet launched by Samsung. Samsung has created Galaxy View to combine a TV first and then a tablet. The size of the View is 18.4 inches, and its screen is optimized or video with a ratio aspect of 16:9, and a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The device was released in 2015 for $600. Ok, so if you remember now, the news is that its sequel it’s coming after four years, the new Samsung Galaxy View 2.

What Will We Have this Time?

The TV-tablet is coming back with little details about the spec, but we know that the screen size is smaller – 17.5 inches. It will have 3GB of RAM, and an Exynos 7885 processor, the same one that it’s present in the Galaxy A8 Plus phone. The processor from the tablet is similar to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chip. Also, the hinge of the tablet has the style of a Galaxy Fold, which means it’s curved and it connects the screen to the kickstand. When you fold the View 2, you will remark that the screen doesn’t stick perfectly flat on the stand. Looking at the device, you will see a hole in the middle of the kickstand. The purpose of the hole is to be a handle and to reduce the weight. Samsung has introduced some little feet at the bottom edge and to the screen for orientation.

Finally, regarding the launching date we don’t have information, only the fact that the Galaxy View 2 will be sold through AT&T in the U. S. Considering that Samsung has announced the new foldable phone, the new TV tablet could steal all the attention from the other device.

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