Preorders for the Valve Index VR Headset to Start in May

Indeed we have the confirmation for the Valve Index VR headset from the companies’ dedicated page on Steam. After the rumors suggested that they will develop their own virtual reality headset and no other details were given.

Because of a Twitter user, Warior64, we found out that the release date will be on June 15, and this is shown on the Valve Index product page. No other information is revealed, but it’s something.


The rumors don’t end here, because of a video that shows us a user opening the Steam VR Settings window. After that, you could see a VR headset icon that is similar to the Valve Index and the Knuckles controllers.  What is visible too, are the render resolution and framerate indicator at one hundred percent. Those are 2,240 x 2,016 with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.


The system requirements for the Valve Index are an Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card or much better. The headset’s supported inputs include a DisplayPort 1.2, USB 3.0.

Also, other technical information about the headset’s sensors or cameras is not given. You can check Valve’s page for details on the base station, but for now, it’s still under development. The links you’ll find there are inaccessible.


Valve Index is coming with a brand new image for the device’s open-back earphones that surround each side. Interesting choice in the design area, but not unique. Also, we will see if the users are satisfied with the open-back earphones because they will be aware of their surroundings, but it might reduce the overall experience.

Moreover, the headset will come with two controllers, a cleaning cloth, two UBS charging cables, two face gaskets, a power adapter, and regionalized power adapter plugs.

Finally, even if we are skeptics about rumors, the company is planning to give us more details on Valve Index on May 1, and preorders would start on that day.

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