Pokemon Go Download Available with Three New Modules

Pokemon Go now seems more interesting than ever as a thrilling discovery was made by a Pokemon Go data miner and made the rounds on the internet recently. He identified something fascinating, namely three new lure modules. The modules will deliver Glaceon, Leafon, Probopass, and Magnezone to the game. Chrales, the data miner who discovered the new modules shared the news on his Twitter page.

His post first described the Glacial Lure Module as a ‘frosty Lure Module that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes’, those who thrive in the cold, in particular, and also has the ability to make some Pokemon progress. The Mossy Lure Module also draws Pokemon for 30 minutes, particularly the ones that like the herbal smell, and having the ability to evolve some Pokemon as well. The Magnetic Lure Module is an electronic component luring Pokemon for 30 minutes, mostly attracting the Pokemon who own a magnetic field. This module can also make Pokemon progress.

Chrales discovered some new Research task as well, and posted the following on his Twitter account:

  • Raid Week 2019 Research Tasks
  • Win a raid (easy)
  • Win ? raids (medium)
  • Win ? raids (hard)

Leafon, Probopass, Magnezone, and Glaceon will be here eventually.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game created and released by Niantic. The game launched for iOS and Android devices. The first part of Pokemon franchise was launched in a few countries in July, year 2016, and in other states in the following months.

Pokemon Go utilizes the phone GPS to locate, catch, fight and teach virtual beings, Pokemon, which seem to look like they are in the gamer’s actual location in the real world.

When Pokemon was released, it encountered pro and anti reviews, with people loving the idea, but some condemned the technical issues. However, it was one of the most played and

valuable apps in 2016. The download numbers were also huge: more than 500 million, from all over the globe.

The game reached the players’ devices with approximately 150 species of Pokemon and then multiplied to reach a number above 460 by year 2019.

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