Pokemon GO August Community Update Available with New Features

For the August Community Pokemon will be the biggest star as Niantic are anticipated to announce it soon.

With the July Community Day now for the record, we will almost certainly go back to a non-starter Pokemon for August. Since Pokemon Go community days started in January 2018, strange months have completely had starter Pokemon featuring them whereas even months haven’t.

As August is known as an even month, we can expect something else for the 8th community day of 2019. This means unlike this month’s where Mudkip was predicted very well in advance, August could bring something new and different.

August Community Day date

The change for the next community day isn’t big at all, two weeks exactly, on August 3rd. This represent the shortest time between Pokemon Go community days that there has ever been. As it is just two weeks away, don’t expect Niantic to be the same with their announcement. Actualy, the August announcement could be sooner or later today, 22nd of July.

Which Pokemon will be the star in August?

An element of surprise is given by the fact that we don’t know who is going to be the star of the show! But we should take into consideration the following:

  • Ralts: the one who is the most expected because of its three-stage evolution Pokemon;
  • Trapinach: another influent candidate, being a ground-type Pokemon it has many chances to be the star of the show, as well;
  • Gible: a surprise potential candidate. It was introduced only in March 2019, as part of the generation rollout, and is already a fan favorite of Pokemon Go coaches. A Gible community day would make a lot of fuzz and would also let coaches to get a Garchomp which has impressive all-round stats.

Month Bonuses

Bonuses are very warmly introduced and they are part of Pokemon Go community days and it isn’t too much of a stretch to tell three-hour baits will be one of them. They have been in every community day bar since October 2018. Other bonuses are still hard to predict, although two successive months have yet to give the same. This means 3x catch XP is questionable but judging by the outline set in 2019, 3x catch is the most possible. The July Community Day was between 4pm and 7 pm local time as August is still top summer; the same times could appear again.

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