PlayStation 5 “Ray Tracing” Feature Will Make The Console More Expensive

In a recent announcement from Sony’s Mark Cerny, we learned about the next-gen console from Sony and some details about the specs. But what the lead architect at Sony also noted was that the PS5 (or whatever its name will be) would also be more expensive because of the new feature that is going to be introduced.

The “Ray Tracing” Feature: PS5 Price Going Up

Considering the ray-tracing feature will come to the PS5 to process and improve graphics, we should also expect a higher price on the console. For example, the movies that have a big budget use this feature in their films.

Cerny confirmed that the feature would add more value to the console, and the huge specs should do so too. As far as speculations go, analysts have predicted that the PS5 could be around $500. Meanwhile, Cerny said that the price would be “appealing,” so it is safe to say that we will not see the console at $599 (and witness Sony repeating its mistake).

Looking back at the issues Sony has had with the PS3, or PS Vita, the price of the PS5 could also cause a similar problem if it is too high compared to what the competitors might announce. However, the new tech and the specs sound like the PS5 will be worth our money. Considering it is said to be more powerful than the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X together, it will surely not be cheaper than these consoles, so $499 seems to be the right price.

In a recent leak from someone that claims to be a European game developer and is working on a launch title for the PS5 said that the console would be $499 and it will be launched in November 2020.

We should learn more official news about the PS5 in December at PlayStation Experience, and until then we just have to make do with the speculations, analysis or rumors.

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