OnePlus 7 will come without IP Rating, but It will be Water Resistant

Due to the approach of the magical day when OnePlus 7 will be released, everyone is hyped regarding the new device. All the possible and impossible leaks have passed on the Internet, and if they are correct, we know a lot of details regarding the next OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. But when do you think that this is all you can know, a new rumor is coming to change our life. The rumor is coming with both good and bad news. Let’s find out what is the issue with the missing IP and its water resistant feature.

Water Resistant and No IP Rating

Let’s start with the bad news so we can be a little happier at the end. OnePlus 7 like its previous generations device, it won’t have an IP rating. Why? This should be the next question. The company says in its official blog that they know if a device has an IP rating, this method is the simplest to prove the smartphone capability. But they don’t use it because it won’t help the company to communicate the real experience of the phone. The company says that even if their previous devices and the ones that are coming now are not using an IP rating, this doesn’t mean that they avoid the certification forever.

Anyway, the good news is that from their teasing video we see the OnePlus 7 is being tested on the water resistance by being thrown in a bucket of water. The company has added the water resistant feature to show the users what it means to have a phone with high quality. They specify that having water resistant feature cost a lot of money, so this is making us wonder how much it will cost? And if maybe, OnePlus 7 can be an alternative to Apple iPhone XR or Galaxy S10.

Finally, if the rumors are right, we are expecting that OnePlus 7 to be as good at the OnePlus 6 at the water resistant feature and even better, even without the IP rating.

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