No Legal Action Can Be Done for the Starlink Satellites

After SpaceX has launched the first Starlink satellites, a lot of complaints have been made by individual astronomers and astronomical organizations. On the other hand, the legal experts are saying that they can’t do something about it because no federal law and regulations can halt the program. The Starlink Satellites were launched on May 23. After that, waves of complaints have been done.

SpaceX and its Starlink Satellites

On May 23, SpaceX has launched the first set of 60 Starlink satellites. The following day, amateur astronomers have been the one that has noticed the satellites passing by real close and quick to spot with the naked eye. The satellites were gaining altitude in time, so with time, they have become harder and harder to see.

However, the concerned is given by the first appearance and the fact that SpaceX plans to launch around 12.000 satellites into the sky. Astronomers are thinking that by doing that, it will interfere with the ground observation. Some of them have made scenarios in which satellites that are visible in the sky can cross the field of a telescope, and the observations could be disrupted.

Also, the International Dark-Sky Associations is saying that this rapid increase of satellites can be a threat to the night environment. Even the International Astronomical Union (IAU) says that the satellite constellations can be a threat to the existing astronomical infrastructures and maybe in the future too. Developers, designers, and policy-makers should work with the astronomical community for understanding the impact of these satellite constellations.

Finally, the Starlink satellites have a license given by FCC, but no consideration is included for the impact that satellites have on the night sky. SpaceX and Elon Musk are aware of the concerns pointed out by astronomers, and they are talking with the engineers to find a way for the future Starlink satellites to reflect less sunlight.

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