New Windows 10 Upgrade to Leave Computers Vulnerable

In the past few weeks, Windows has apparently made a multitude of poor decisions and it seems that the company is not going to stop here in creating problems for Windows users all over the world.

Windows 10 1903 update. Codename 19H1

Windows 10 1903 update came on May 21st. And as it came, it instantly generated trouble. First of all, users cannot really refuse the new update as the company set end-of-service dates to every Windows 10 version and when the set date passes, your device is going to automatically update. The end-of-service date of the last version of Windows 10, 1803, is November 12th. From then on, all Windows 10 users are forced to accept the 1903 update. Yes, the 35 days manually pause exists and users can make use of it up to 35 days at a time, but only until the old update is not available. Then new update it is. It is worth mentioning that this only happens to the Home edition, as Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education editions are fine.

Secondly, let’s not forget about the ‘Black Screen’ bug that, you guessed it, makes your screen to turn black a few moment after the update.

Other unacceptable updates are the one that deleted users’ personal data, the one which compelled Windows 10 downgrade itself, the one which weakened gaming efficiency and the one which reduced by 400% the speed of the Chromium browser.

Another issue, and this one is quite serious, is the holes that the new update has that the exploit broker SandboxEscaper seems to take advantage of.

Ever since Windows decided it was a good idea to be dishonest about core functionality and ambiguous about the new upgrade process, they kept up the ‘good work’.

In order not to end this on a bad note, we all understand Windows and the fact that updates are imperative to a good functionality of devices. But this does not mean that users have to put up with constant releases of unreliable updates.

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