New Law in Washington for Public Health Has Been Signed – No Exception Will Be Made for Measles Vaccine

Many parents from Washington State have refused the measles vaccine based on the personal and philosophical exception for their children. The state was confronted with 70 cases of measles this year, and a law was signed at the Vancouver City Hall for changing this. Vancouver was the most affected by the measles cases, and some solution were needed. Gov. Jay Inslee wants to improve public health and to do everything necessary to protect the health of its citizens. So after signing the bill, the law will take effect in July.

The Measles Vaccine and its Exceptions

Washington is one of the states were the non-medical exception for personal reasons were allowed until now. In 23 countries the cases of measles have reached 764 persons by the end of last week. Also, the religious and medical reasons are making exceptions from the state‚Äôs public and private schools attendance too. The new law isn’t affecting the religious and medical exemptions unless they won’t ask for evidence of vaccine or immunity for dozen of disease. The diseases that are on the list are polio, whooping cough, and measles.

Besides this, the first proposal for the law was that all the childhood vaccines were requested and the philosophical exception to be removed for all of them. But after some debating, the Chambers decided to focus only at the rubella vaccine, mumps, and measles. A lot of parents have opposed the law and have protested against it. They are asking for a parental right to choose if their children would be vaccinated or not.

On the other hand, a number of 500 people have died because of the measles in the U. S before the mass vaccination. The bigger problem is when somebody has a weak immune system because it can get sick much faster, and nine out of ten unvaccinated persons are getting the disease. The anti-vaccine movement had started in 1990 when a researcher had linked the measles vaccine with the risk of autism. The study has been discredited, but people are still being misinformed.

Finally, a lot of states are removing the non-medical exception for all vaccines after many measles outbreaks. California, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Oregon are the ones that have removed the limitations.

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