NASA revealed partnership with 11 companies which will take them to the Moon

NASA has announced more details regarding its plans to send humans to the Moon’s surface by the year 2024. The American space agency has picked eleven companies which will design the next lunar landers.

All the eleven American companies will run studies and start the work on mock-up lunar landers in the following years as part of NASA’s Artemis expedition which is scheduled in 2024 aiming for the Moon’s surface. Among the chosen companies, big names such as Boeing, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Northrop Grumman, Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada, Lockheed Martin and, of course, SpaceX made the list.

The initial date for NASA’s Artemis mission has been moved up by a few years, namely to 2024 mainly by the American Congress. NASA offers ‘undefined contract actions’ to these eleven companies to help them start working on the prototypes. This enables the companies to get going on their work while still negotiating the contract.

NASA doesn’t require a specific design or precise elements for the next landing systems, leaving these specifications to the will of each company, saying that all they need is a vehicle which will take humans to the Moon and bring them back safely.

Even if the official naming of these companies is a late action, NASA had the basis for it ever since April, when they sent out what they call ‘pre-solicitations.’ The first pre-solicitation disclosed NASA’s plan to ask for suggestions from companies to create the ascent element on the next lunar lander. After a while, they increased the list of solicitations, asking for additional elements such as the ascent, descent, and the transfer vector.

NASA seemed to realize that to advance in space exploration, they need to partner with other companies. If the American space agency can make it work and send Artemis to the lunar surface within the timeline, they will be global leaders in public or private partnerships, besides being the leaders in space exploration.

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