Minecraft Version 1.12.0: It Is Now Easier to Manage Your Realm

There is a main update coming for Minecraft. We are here to tell you all the changes for this next chapter.

First of all, there is an increase in the frequency and volume of the ambient sounds made while raids take place. This makes it easier to locate them. There are also new Wandering Trader sounds, and the main menu splash text is now updated. The same goes for the default main menu from Aquatic to Village & Pillage. Now, the Store button on the main menu has a changed name: Marketplace.

The Realm owners can set some permissions for players that are relevant when it comes to inviting them to their Realm. For all the new members that enter a Realm, there are also the default settings that can still be set. The owner can set permissions for a player to either visitor, member or operator. Also, when you reset a world or upload a new one, don’t forget to set permissions to stay in that place.

They also fixed a lot for this game.

They fixed crashes that happened during gameplay when you launched the game on Windows 10 devices when some of the blocks are loading to get into a Realm. Also, when switching players on Xbox One, and when loading the game or saving it on Nintendo Switch.

When it comes to performance

They improved the chunk loading in multiplayer, and they reduced the bandwidth usage – they now allow the client to reuse chunks. They also improved the AI pathfinding and the endermen teleporting particles do not cause frequent performance drops.

When it comes to loading textures, they reduced the amount of memory needed.

As of now, you don’t have to worry about the Xbox Live sign-in notification anymore. Also, you don’t need to restart the game in order to see the custom skins.

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