Minecraft Beta 1.11 New Issues Warning From PSA

New Announcement from PSA about Minecraft

The famous sandbox video game which allows you to build a variety of different blocks, explore, gather resource, craft and combat is receiving beta updates.

Some information about the Minecraft Beta 1.11

First of all, you will not have access to Realms, and you can’t join non-beta players during the previewing of the beta.

Second of all, beta builds are unstable and will not be in the final version of the game. Note that you should back up your Worlds before joining the beta.

Ultimately, the finished releases could not include all the changes from the beta for the stability; and it could slip to a later version.

You can opt for the beta version on Xbox One and Windows 10, and Android players from the Google Play Store.

Matt Gartzke, the Community Manager for Minecraft, told us there is an issue with the beta program. Some players are receiving Minecraft 1.11 beta on Xbox One without them opting for the beta program. He instructed the players not to open the world with the beta.

Also, no other details have been given, but some beta invites are already being sent to people who haven’t sign up, haven’t read all the rules, warning and details on the signup page.

Moreover, if players access the Beta world, they might lose their crafted worlds. Regarding the beta mode is understandable to crash and utterly possible.

The problems are that those Minecraft 1.11 beta updates it’s crashing your saves and achievements.

The achievements are a great way to gradually guide the new players into the game by completing them. You can get those achievements in any game mode, including Creative Mode.

Unfortunately, there is no fix for this random access. It’s best to avoid the Beta invite entirely until further notice, updates, and data about the final game.

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