Microsoft May Launch the Surface Book with Some Revolutionary Features

Thanks to some leaked mock-ups and samples, it seems that​ tech giant Microsoft is developing new types of screens for its Surface line of laptops.

According to the leaks, Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella is soon going to announce some revolutionary devices featuring the Windows 10, and also dual and flexible displays.

The prototype was discussed by Mayank Parmar on Windows Latest, and it details the methods utilized in the linking assembly to support the display. He notes that a computing device featuring a flexible display includes a thin film transistor matrix with a front and a back surface.

To enhance the life of the display, moveable display support has been incorporated on the back surface of the screen to limit bending in one direction to a first bend radius.

Even though the patent was released a few days ago, it was filled back in 2017. Since the basics in the prototype are possible to use, we can see that the smartphones and tablets featuring flexible screens have attempted to hide any termination, for instance the Royale FlexPai, have revamped where the fold should be, such as the Huawei Mate X, or maintained the wholeness of the screen, for example, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

With this in mind, it feels rather unlikely that Microsoft will walk the same path, even though the hinge appearing in the patent is similar to the mechanical hinge on the Surface Book.

It is more probably that the Surface lineup will be extended with a dual-screened device that has a regular laptop hinge, and the second display being placed where the keyboard would usually be.

Microsoft is anticipated to prepare a launch event this year in October or November. Also, the company might issue some updates on the Surface Book and the Surface Pro lineups, proving a dual-screen laptop to the press at the same event.

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