Latest Product of Jony Ive: A giant Rainbow Apple Stage and a Lady Gaga Concert

How does it sound: a giant rainbow scene, a huge celebration, a Lady Gaga concert, and many other things with rainbows thematic? All of this is for a ceremony in Apple’s Spaceship Campus. Being an Apple employee must be good, right? Duncan Sinfield discovered last week with a drone that Apple has a massive rainbow stage in the heart of the Apple Park Campus. The employees have lived a huge celebration with an exceptional performance from Lady Gaga herself.

What Was the Special Event for?

A lot of objects were having a rainbow thematic such as staircases, coffee cups, badges, and cup holders. The event was celebrating the formal opening of Apple Park. Technically, the Apple Park was opened in April 2017, but at the same time, the purpose was to pay tribute to Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs.

Also, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has posted on Twitter a beautiful message saying that they have come together on this day, in the home imagined by Steve for them, and they are celebrating his spirit. What about the massive stage? The Apple Stage isn’t just a fancy tent; it was built from 25.000 pieces, and the structure was design at the specifications of Apple’s director Jony Ive. Besides that, an impressive trick about the design is that it could be broken down in building blocks and used again and again for other future events.

Finally, Lady Gaga was the artist that had made an exceptional performance at Apple Park. This is not the first visit of Lady Gaga in the company, and Eddy Cue, Apple Executive, says that he remembers the day that the artist has visited Steve Jobs. Also, the rainbow idea has come from Jony Ive that has reflected on the significance of the rainbow. He says that the rainbow logo has been part of our identity for many years, and is a positive and joyful expression.

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