Large Underwater Eruption Has Produced a New Underwater Volcano

The waters of the coast of Africa were witnesses of a loud hum some months ago. This mysterious hum had traveled around the world, and it has been captured by scientists with seismic sensors. The hum has drawn the attention of the scientist, and its origins were a mystery too until a discovery has been made. A new undersea volcano has been discovered near the French island of Mayotte can give us the answer we are looking for.

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Researchers from France have recently discovered a new massive feature on the Ocean floor, near Mayotte. We are talking about a volcano that has around 800 meters off the seafloor and because it didn’t exist six months ago, imagine the different feeling the residents had. But at the same time, with help from the island residents, the researchers have now a clear picture of the time that the volcano has been created.

Besides this, the mysterious hum was first detected in 2018, and before the detection, it was a clear sign that something strange is happening. The more shocking fact is that the residents of Mayotte have felt the volcano rising in real time. The residents of Mayotte have felt each day, for many days, little earthquakes in rapid succession. Even if the noise started in the mid-2018, it went on and on, and the island itself has begun to feel the effects.

Moreover, the effects are visible, because during the formation of the volcano, hot liquid rocks have been spewed into the sea, and a pyramid shape has formed. Also, the island has begun to move with two inches to the East and has sunk with five inches during the volcano formation. Even the fishermen have reported a lot of dead fish into the sea because of the heat rising from the volcano.

Finally, the researchers are saying that around five cubic kilometers of magma has been spit out from the ocean floor, and for sure this was the most massive underwater eruption of an underwater volcano ever.

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