iPad Pro 2019 to Come with a Triple-Lens Camera in October

Mac Orakara is a Chinese supply chain source, which reported that Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro could actually come with a triple-lens camera array. There will also be a 10.2-inch entry-level iPad that might come with a dual-sensor, just like the one on the iPhone XS. Both of these models are rumored to hit the market in October.

An insider from Apple was unable to confirm these rumors. The Japanese publication is quite good at tracking the moves of Apple, but we still need to take it with a pinch of salt, especially since we’re talking about a significant product unveiling.

When it comes to the dual and triple-lens iPads, this source stated that the related accessories are right now floating around. It is not known for sure if the devices are official Apple products, or merely third-party add-ons.

By getting multi-sensor rear-facing cameras in two brands, new iPads would be something new for Apple, because the company wants to migrate dual-lens shooters when it comes to the tablet line. This happens even if they first integrated this kind of technology in 2016’s iPhone 7 Plus. This setup, that comes with a wide-angle and “telephoto” lens was also used in 2017’s iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Also, in iPhone XS and XS Max.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted back in February an iPad mini update, and he also said that he expects that the present 9.7-inch iPad, which was last updated in March last year, would get to gain a 10.2-inch LCD screen. Apple then released an iPad mini, together with a new 10.5-inch iPad Air.

Apple’s iPad Pro has not been updated yet, since the line got a new re-design, with a full-face display and Face ID back in October 2018. The recent 9.7-inch iPad variant hit the market in March 2018. Both of these models will soon get an update.

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