Intel Inspiration for the New 5G iPhone

Tech giant apparently set to get Intel’s $1 billion modem business

After Apple and Qualcomm’s ongoing feud finally ended, Intel came up with the idea to abandon its modem business as it had lost the hopes of making 5G tech for future iPhones. However, now an approach from the Wall Street Journal said that the California tech giant is ‘in advanced talks’ to get Intel’s modem chips division in almost one week, ‘according to people familiar with the matter’.

Good to Know:

  • Apple and Qualcomm have the same spoils in court ahead of main ruling;
  • Intel leaves plans for 5G smartphone modem.

Apple’s choice for making good with Qualcomm was hugely driven by Intel’s failure to deliver a 5G – proficient smartphone modem in time to please Apple’s own roadmap door a 5G iPhone launch. However, Qualcomm was already in advance of the game, with its 2019 top smartphone processor, the Snapdragon 855, succeeding to be the first in line with the compatibility for 5G connectivity thanks to an implanted modem.

If the acquisition does go ahead, Apple will be starting its own raid into researching 5G technology, gaining $1 billion worth of staff, patents and research that Intel accumulated in a decade.

While the first wave of 5G iPhones will still probably use the well-known Qualcomm technology, Apple’s possible acquisition of Intel’s modem division could push the California’s firm’s push to get as much iPhone production internal as possible.

Apple has taken growing control over the years of the parts that create its top products in order to avoid subcontracting where it can – the graphics chips in its iPhone and iPad models for example, and predictions are all heading to the company designing its own ARM-based processors for its Mac line-up.

While the news of Apple getting Intel’s modem division is still only rumored, it surely does go with the company’s intentions of late.

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