iMessage Not Working – Tips to Fix It

If you ever experienced a situation where your iMessage app did not work, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of possible issues the iMessage app can have and how you can fix them.

Check for internet connection

While it might seem naive, sometimes your internet connection can cause to many apps on your Apple device. A way to test the internet connection, enter Safari and check if pages load. If not, then it means your device is not connected to the internet or the internet is not working.


There are four simple steps that have a 90% chance of working:

  1. Turn iMessage off
  2. Turn off your device
  3. Turn on your device
  4. Turn iMessage on

iMessage setup is wrong or incomplete

Make sure that your phone number is configured correctly or iMessage is activated for your number. In order to check this, go to Settings, then Messages. Open ‘Send and Receive’ menu and look at ‘Start New Conversation From’. If your number does not have a checkmark, then activate iMessage for your phone number.

Reset the network settings

Restore your network settings back to factory settings by going to Settings > General >Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Upgrade iOS

If your device is not updated, this might be a cause for your iMessage not working. Go to Settings > General > Software update and if there are updates pending, install them.

Sign out, then Sign in

Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > Apple ID: (your Apple ID) > Sign Out.

Try signing back in with the help of your Apple ID.

Apple Support

In case none of the six tips above failed to make any substantial improvement and your iMessage is still not working, the best way to solve the problem is by contacting Apple Support. The Apple team is more than happy to help you fix your phone’s issues and make iMessage work again.

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