How to Get a Shiny and Powerful Slaking in Pokémon GO?

Pokemon GO Community had come with three-stage evolution entry and the Gen 3’s Slakoth. Gen 3’s Slakoth is a pure Normal type of Pokémon, but it evolves into Vigoroth and after that in Slaking. The Pokémon Community had a live from 3 to 6 PM, and regardless of the region you are from, you could have taken a Slaking with Body Slam, only after you evolve your Slakoth. This is happening into Community Day.

However, there is an exception. You can hunt for a shiny Slakoth, a Vigoroth, and the ultimate, the unique Slaking. The Shiny Slakoth will give you a noticeable change because from dull brown it will be pink.  You can evolve him to Slakoth, and he will turn brown again. That’s not all, because the white mane will be gold instead. Curious how to get one?

Thanks to Pokémon GO generosity with the Community Day shiny rates, you will see a 5-8% spawn rate for all the shinies now. That means 1 in 15 to 1 in 20 Slakotsh caught can be shiny. Besides this, they will spawn everywhere. Community Day is the perfect day for use incense for a change because Pokémon that are spawning from the incense will have more chances to become a Slakoth.

Also, the bonus received at Community Day is composed of eggs that are hatching 4x more rapid than usual. This is happening when you hunt Slakoth. Now was the perfect time to use all the incubators for it. Going further, if you can make it and gathered some shiny Slakoths on your hands, at the event you can pick one with the highest IV and evolved it until the end of the live.

Finally, doing all these steps on the Pokémon GO Community Day, you will have a Slakoth with Body Slam, even if these aren’t the most exciting ones, it’s worth collecting them all. Until the next event, remember these steps.

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