Google Stadia Will Have Different Pricing Models, Stated Google VP Phil Harrison

A few weeks ago, Google presented the cloud gaming platform service, Google Stadia. Think of it as the Netflix of gaming. We will be able to use this service to stream video games on different systems. For now, there aren’t many details about this service, but according to Google VP Phil Harrison, it will come with various pricing models.

In an interview with GameSpot, Harrison explained the pricing of the service, revealing that they have worked on a model based on deep consumer research, and after months of discussions, they came to an agreement:

“We have had a fantastic user research team as a core part of the Stadia team for two years now. And so, we have our point of view, we then test various hypotheses with consumers and publishing partners, and then get to the right result.”

While he didn’t state which are the prices for the service, Harrison said that they already exist. In an interview with Yves Guillemot, the Ubisoft CEO, we learned that Google Stadia would have plenty of ways to pay for the service:

“Either you buy full price and you play; or you will be able to also register, possibly, to play either one hour or two hours a day.”

Google Stadia: Launch Date, Regions, Features

In the GDC keynote, Google announced that Stadia would launch this year in the US, Canada, UK, and various European countries. Among the games announced for the service, we have Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal, with more to be revealed in the future.

Looking at the 5G technology, Google Stadia will surely be a great service for 5G smartphones. It will also work on computers, or TVs via Chromecast. Together with the service, Google also presented the Stadia controller that will be quite handy in games where you really need to smash buttons.

We cannot wait to learn more about the ‘Netflix of gaming’ in the coming weeks. Check back here for more updates about Google Stadia and how it will shape the future of gaming.

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