Google Play Store Version 15.2.38 Available to Download with Bug Fixes

What is the first and essential source for downloading games or apps on your smartphone? The iPhone users will answer that is the App Store, of course, but so many of the Android users are using the Google Play Store. Google is very serious when it comes to updates for its users, so the Play Store is receiving continuously update for fixing the bugs and improvement to the performance. So is the case of the latest version 15.2.38 of Google Play Store.

The company is releasing updates for a vast number of apps for download; the purpose of protecting the Android devices comes first. So Play Store should always be a safe place for users, and the company needs to remove all the dangerous apps from it. Because the latest cleaning was with more than 250 hazardous apps removed from Play Store, Google is releasing this new update.

However, you must know the importance of Google Play and the apps from it to be secure and safe, especially if you download a lot of games and apps. Also, the UI must be fast and snappy for you to have a great experience in the Play Store. After the company has seen that the previous version of the Google Play Store had a lot of bugs, a new update was promised. The developers had fixed the bugs, and the latest version of Google Play Store is coming with number v15.2.38. The changes are on minor and major flaws, and the new Material Themed UI has been improved and upgraded.

Finally, even if the performance and user interface has received a minor upgrade, we are recommending you to download and install the update for Google Play Store as soon as possible to version 15.2.38. The update is rolling out slowly, so you will have to wait for a little, or you can download it manually from a trusted source.

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