Google Maps Available Soon with Taxi Feature for Passengers

Google has great plans for Google Maps. A new safety test is being featured for Google Maps, which has the purpose of alerting you if the car or taxi you are in, deviates from its route with more than 500 meters. The feature is exclusive right now for India and was spotted by XDA Developers. These off-route alerts will be found in the Stay Safe menu that is accessible after you selected the destination before the navigation mode is enabled.

Google Maps Feature

The option added by Google is labeled as a safety feature by the off-route alerts. They will act as a warning sign in case the taxi driver won’t take you directly to the destination you have given. Of course, on the other hand, there are plenty of reasons if the route provided by you is not taken. There are always problems in traffic, and the app from Google isn’t aware of them. This problem could be solved if the passenger would receive an early warning about the issue ahead of and the changes that need to be made.

Also, the feature added to Google Maps is useful to the people who have been ripped off by taxi drivers. You will know now when the taxi driver intends to take the long route, especially in an unfamiliar city. Unfortunately, we still don’t know what the progress of the Google Maps feature is. If the function is to a full release, it will go globally, or it will be only for the Indian Market?

Finally, Google introduced last week to the Indian Google Maps, two feature. One of the function is giving better details about public transport, while the other function is providing the flood warnings in India.

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