Fortnite and The Baller – The New Vehicle for Players

Fortnite is a recent online video game released in 2017 by Epic Games. The story of this game is simple. You are dropped on a map together with other players, around 100, you can play it solo or with a team. You will start with nothing, but in order to survive, you must scan the location and collect weapons, armors. Keep in mind that you also need to avoid other players. The games have three modes but with the same game engine and gameplay.

What is The Baller though?

The Baller is a vehicle that is very different than any other that had been in this game. The vehicle allows you to attach yourself to any structure and then pull yourself, just like Spiderman, and be safe at the same time. It had been a fun thing at first, but it’s not competitive. Because you are safe inside of the baller, you can attach yourself anywhere and wait for the game to end. And if you have full points of health, nobody will bother to shoot you, because you will remain undamaged. Indeed, maybe just the baller will be destroyed.

Because Epic had removed the baller and hadn’t come up with a solution for this fun vehicle to play with, I think we can have three ideas to resolve the problem.

  1. Reduce the ballers

The first idea to balance a little the game using the ballers is to start the game with fewer ballers. In a map with 100 players, Epic could introduce only 20 ballers, and then you will have 80 players active and not standing in the tree waiting for the end of the game.

  1. The perfect bomb for the ballers

Nothing is safe, right? If Epic would add the possibility that the players could throw bombs, dynamite or some kind of explosive to the game, for sure it will be more dynamic and fun. Also, an important problem to solve would be the place that the bomb will have in each player’s inventory. They must create a separate space for the bomb, not to be forced to replace other weapons or healing items. Players need a bomb that could destroy the baller instantly and can save the game and force each player to play actively.

  1. If the baller explodes, so goes the driver

Maybe it’s a life and death solution, but forcing the player to exit the baller before the explosion could be good. Maybe Epic would think to increase the health of the player inside the ball if this scenario happens. Players will also rethink the way they’re using the ballers. Because if you want to survive, attach yourself or bounce around, you will have to do it with skill.

The idea of the ballers was a great one, and the fact that Epic thought to remove them for good is sad. We suggest they can be more flexible and find a way to introduce them with a change of the dynamic.

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