E3 2019 Nintedo Direct: Sword and Shield Everything you need to know

Nintendo giving is the 411 on new games

E3 2019 is scheduled to present a myriad of Nintendo Switch games in the days to come. Pokemon Sword and Shield receiving a notable pre-E3 demo before the main event.

Nintendo provided us with a gander on Switch games mechanics regarding gameplay like Dynamax transformations, as well as the new line up of Generation 8 Pokemon.

Pokemon Direct confirmed the Sword and Shield release date, along with other gameplay specifics. We had a look at a variety of things, including new Pokemon Legendaries, multiplayer highlights, and open-world components.

The juiciest bits of gaming news from the event has been wrangled up below for you to read.

Reading the article in its entirety will most definitely make you an expert on everything Pokemon Sword and Shield related.

The E3 playable games lineup has been confirmed by Nintendo with Sword and Shield on top of the list. Other games include Luigi’s Mansion 3, the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

One title that has not shown up for Switch being Animal Crossing but that does mean the title, along with others, will not show up on the 11th of June during Nintendo Direct.

Sword And Shield Release Date Confirmed

Pokemon Sword and Shield saw its release date confirmed for the 15th of November by Pokemon developer Game Freak at Nintendo Direct. The global release date guarantees all Pokemon aficionados will not pass out from not playing the game. Additionally, Sword and Shield may be pre-ordered. Players can get the two stand alone versions or opt for the dual pack that gets them both games.


New Legendary Pokemon have made an appearance on Sword and Shield. The two characters were created to symbolize the game title with Zamazenta representing the shield and Zacian the sword.

Characters and Story content

New narratives and character showcasing have been focus points for Sword and Shield. We were presented with the Pokemon professor from the Galar region and with the Champion. Oh, and the giant arenas previously seen turned out to be Pokemon gyms.

Generation 8 Pokemon

Sword and shield gave us a look-see at newly minted Gen 8 Pokemon you will ensnare, make friends with and fight. Be sure to expect lots of favorites from past games making a comeback.


An option that can be engaged only once per battle, Dynamax give your Pokemon the ability to grow to a massive size, also enhancing their abilities with this mode.

Raid Battles

Coupled with the new Dynamax feature, this confrontation takes its inspiration from Pokemon Go: Raid Battles.

How does it work? The concept mashes up four trainers against a sole Pokemon that is Dynamax enhanced for the duration of the battle.

If it is defeated, there is a chance to capture it. You have the option of choosing between selecting from your group of trainers to fill in the slots or have the AI take the place of other players.

Random Encounters

Random encounters were axed on last year’s Switch Pokemon games. This was replaced by having the chance to meet wild Pokemon that crisscrossed the countryside.

It is apparent that random encounters are no longer featured, despite being anticipated to make a come back in Sword and Shield.

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