Do You Know that T-Rex Has a Smaller Cousin?

In the Cretaceous period, a new species of Tyrannosaurus dinosaur has lived to terrorize the living creatures.  We are talking about a fossil found in New Mexico, which lived about 92 million years ago. The small dinosaur is called Suskityrannus hazelae, and the research has shown a connection with Tyrannosaurus Rex. Suskityrannus is the little cousin of T-Rex with 2.7 m long and 0.9 m tall.

What Is the Study Revealing?

Suskityrannus is the small cousin of T-Rex with 2.7 m long and 0.9 m tall, that weighted somewhere between 20-40 kg. If we take a look at T-Rex, he weighed up to nine tons. That’s a big difference here indeed. A similarity between the two dinosaurs is the diet. The little dinosaur has been a lager meat-eater, but its targets were small animals of course.

Besides this, Suskityrannus is the perfect example of a glimpse into the evolution of the Tyrannosaurus, especially when they have reached the point where they conquered the planet. Dr. Sterling Nesbitt is the one that has made the discovery and had studied the fossil. The little dinosaur has also lived in the Cretaceous fauna among other famous dinosaurs such as the duck-billed Edmontosaurus and the predator Triceratops.

Finally, the Suskityrannus hazelae’s fossil is composed of two partial skeletons and was discovered in 1990. The expedition was made by Zuni Basin in New Mexico at that time. Also, Dr. Nesbitt has examined the dinosaur’s more slender skull, and its foot later and more massive than T-Rex. Moreover, this is not the only discovery that links two species of dinosaurs. Another small and older Tyrannosaurus from North America and China is linked with a larger Tyrannosaurus that has lived until the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs. If you are interested in more details about the smaller cousin of T-Rex, you can find the study in the Nature Ecology & Evolution journal.

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